Economic volatility, increased regulation and harsh environments can challenge the most seasoned operator and push up costs and risks. To compete in the future ecosystem, the industry is looking to solutions that can drive up energy efficiency and better return on assets


Reducing equipment footprint and weight is key for commercial vessels

On average a drillship loses $12M per year due to downtime in day rate alone

SOx, NOx and particulate matter emissions are expected to grow by 40% from 2000 to 2020

The GE Advantage

Connecting the operational and digital worlds. GE helps, power, propel, position and predict the marine industry for performance excellence.

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GE’s electric propulsion systems can save ship owners as much as 5% in cargo space

Enabling data-driven operational efficiency by using data analytics

GE’s SEASTREAM™ Dynamic Positioning system delivers up to 10% in fuel savings and reduces NOx
by up to 20%

Marine Applications

Total lifecycle electrification and digital partner to the Marine industry. Smart engineering coupled with software analytics know how provide customers with data-driven efficiency


Meeting the requirements of ship operators and energy companies, from drilling and production to specialist and support vessels

Expertise in electric propulsion and automation systems across transport, passenger, workboat and specialist applications

GE delivers flexible and reliable solutions in integrated full electric propulsion and hybrid auxiliary propulsion systems for a wide range of naval ships

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