High productivity, quality and efficiency are key for energy intense manufacturing industries to stay competitive in sectors where raw materials and energy expenses constitute a huge share in production costs


Failures in steel making or rolling mills may be hindering you from optimizing throughput, recovery, and asset availability

Efficiency and safety of cranes and material handling equipment are essential under all conditions

Today's Pulp & Paper industry is characterized by shifts in consumption habits, rising input costs and stringent quality and environmental standards

The GE Advantage

GE is a full-scope partner for electrification, digital and services solutions across multiple industries helping to improve productivity, product quality and energy efficiency of your process

We connect electricity to industry efficiently, enable intelligent asset strategies and build solutions around your business model

GE’s Asset Performance Management (APM), could be deployed to monitor rotating machinery performance and draw insights from big data for performance improvement

Our Offering for Manufacturing Industries

GE delivers leading  product and systems technology based on variable speed drives, motors, generators combined with productivity  solutions and system architecture enabled by control, automation and predictive analytics.   Our life cycle services offering combined with digital capability help you maximize operational efficiency and productivity with connected, responsive and predictive solutions

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