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Experts in LNG electrification

With a considerable expertise in electrification, exhaustive knowledge of LNG processes, and strong capabilities in high-power systems, GE Power Conversion is driving the development of high-reliability technologies to help meet LNG operator requirements. Our integrated solutions are designed and manufactured to operate efficiently in a technologically complex and regulated environment where reliability, availability, and ease of maintenance are critical. Our engineering expertise, and understanding of the complete process, complimented by our grid integration studies and overall process knowledge, means that you can benefit from an overall enhanced, total system for compressor train processes enabling larger speed ranges delivered by smaller, less power-hungry compressors.


Systems Expertise

Managing technical risk and ensuring a proper balance between different technical solutions for LNG operation scan be tough and a big pain point for LNG projects –and by not mitigating these risks, there can be a big impact in terms of project timings and costs. The critical relationships of the mechanical and electrical equipment are complex involving multi-dimensional harmonics, rotor dynamics, fluid dynamics on the compressor side which can feed back to the driver, engineering to avoid surge risks, etc.

Addressing all these pain points is where GE Power Conversion’s expertise and detailed knowledge of LNG operations enables us to offer the right solution. We can tailor our solutions by partnering with our customers early in the project (FEED/Pre-FEED) and at the very beginning of the process, evaluating the complete system and completing the network analysis to help deliver better solutions.

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