Motors & Generators

At our Nancy facility, in France, we are offering trainings about Rotating Machines – from the fundamentals of electrical motors to courses focusing on the equipment’s components and how it works.

All our courses have a wide focus to enhance the skills of your operation, commissioning and maintenance engineers.

Please browse the list below, read the corresponding data sheets when available, and find out which ones are the most relevant to your needs. Please contact us to start your registration process.

   Description    Code    Location    Duration
   Fundamentals of Electrical Motors    710    Nancy  (F)     0.5 day
   Alignment    711    Nancy  (F)     1 day
   Installation & Commissioning    712    Nancy  (F)     1.5 day
   Synchronous Motors    720    Nancy  (F)     1 day
   Exciters and Excitation Panels    721    Nancy  (F)     1 day
   EX Environment and Pressurization System    730    Nancy  (F)     0.5 day
   Life Cycle Management    740    Nancy  (F)     1 day
   Troubleshooting    741    Nancy  (F)     1 day
   Vibrations    742    Nancy  (F)     1 day





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