Medium Speed Wind Turbine Generators

Medium Speed Wind Turbine Generators

Meets offshore wind requirements

GE’s Power Conversion business range of wind generators is suitable for high-power solutions for both onshore and offshore wind turbines. Our medium-speed permanent magnet generators can be integrated into one or two-stage gearboxes and, through elimination of the bearings, enable increased reliability of the whole drive train compared to fully geared solutions.

Features & Benefits:

  • Enhanced and reduced maintenance: One- or two-stage gearbox reduces weight and number of components, Patented ultra-low-cogging torque
  • Reliability: Due to low or medium voltage use
  • Compliant to IEC 60034 standards, 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive, 2006-95-EC Low Voltage Directive and GL 2005, 2010 guidance
  • Power Density: By patented cooling arrangements
  • Efficiency: Electrical and electromagnetic design helps optimize efficiency and power density
  • Reliability: Advanced resin insulation system provides increased insulation performance and reliability
  • Flexible:  Fit-to-purpose design

Wind Generators

Our direct-drive permanent magnet generators offer high reliability for the full drive train. Elimination of the gearbox allows for higher part load system efficiencies, improving your return on investment. Providing a reduction in overall maintenance, these solutions are particularly well adapted for offshore applications.
Power Conversion’s Doubly Fed Induction Generators’ excitation is controlled independently of the grid to compensate for variable speed operation.