Doubly Fed Induction Wind Turbine Generators

Doubly Fed Induction Wind Turbine Generators

A standard for today's onshore wind turbines

GE’s Power Conversion business range of Wind Generators is suitable for high-power solutions for both onshore and offshore wind turbines. GE’s Doubly Fed Induction Generators’ excitation is controlled independently of the grid to compensate for variable speed operation. Our Doubly Fed Induction Generators are ATEX compliant and suitable for hazardous areas.

Features & Benefits:

  • Compact design for optimized wind turbine nacelle size
  • Smooth startup: Low starting for direct on-line motors
  • High torque density: Small power converter feeds rotor windings via a set of slip rings
  • Highly efficiency: Using highly efficient gearless direct-drive solutions

Wind Generators

Our direct-drive permanent magnet generators offer high reliability for the full drive train. Elimination of the gearbox allows for higher part load system efficiencies, improving your return on investment. Providing a reduction in overall maintenance, these solutions are particularly well adapted for offshore applications.
Our medium-speed permanent magnet generators can be integrated into one or two-stage gearboxes and, through elimination of the bearings, enable increased reliability of the whole drive train compared to fully geared solutions.