Marine Solutions

Smart engineering coupled with software analytics, we provide customers with data-driven efficiency.

Propulsion solutions

Ship's power network

Digital solutions & lifecycle support


Integrated electric propulsion

Integrated platform management

Digital solutions


Vessel control & automation

SeaStreamTM Insight Asset Performance Management

   Advanced Induction Motors (AIM)    SeaStreamTMSeaLyte Vessel Control System (VCS)

Visor Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics

   Power take-in (PTI/PTO)    SeaStreamTM DP

VesPA Vessel Performance Analyser

   Thruster motors    DIRAD damage control system

Lifecycle support

Propulsion drives

Energy & power management

SeaLab energy efficiency design

   SeaPulseTM MV

   SeaLab energy efficient design

EPC & project management
   SeaPulseTM LV

   Intelligent power management & distribution

Asset and fleet management


   SeaFlex energy storage      Support packages

Switchboards (MV/LV)

   E-house distribution modules    Repair and overhaul

Podded propulsion

SeaJetTM and SeaJetTM Ice

   Distribution switchboards

   Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) 

Hybrid propulsion

SeaStreamTM DP and SeaLyte DP

   Marine Mapper Fleet Management

SeaFlex energy storage

Power generation

   Efficiency upgrades

Power take-in (PTI/PTO)


   Test, installation and commissioning  

Combined generation hybrids

Power take-off (PTO/PTI)



Drilling systems

Service networks and contacts