SD 7000 – LCI Drives
Drive technology delivering efficient and flexible control of electric power

SD 7000 – LCI Drives

Large-scale expansion of a new electric age

GE’s Power Conversion drives can substantially improve the quality and efficiency of your process or production. GE’s SD 7000 is a medium voltage load commuted inverter that offers high efficiency and reliability. SD 7000 is high power drive technology that enables efficient conversion of electrical power. A mature and proven solution, our medium voltage drive SD7000 LCI is dedicated to high power applications. It is suitable for applications where high performance of large power is required, such as compressors for gas injection/export and power generators.

Features & Benefits:

  • Power quality: Up to 12 pulses on network and motor bridges, power factor up to 0.9.
  • High efficiency: Up to 98.5% performance.
  • Reliability: Robust Thyristor bridge technology.
  • Protection: Under and Over-voltage, over-speed, over-flux and up to 110% torque overload supported.

Medium Voltage Drives

Power Conversion’s MV7000 is a drive technology delivering efficient and flexible control of electric power to a wide range of driven equipment.
Power Conversion’s two-level Pulse Width Modulated Medium-Voltage Converter is a multi-megawatt power converter designed for high-power naval applications.
Coupled with a Static Frequency Converter, Power Conversion’s static excitation equipment provides performing coping with grid power variation, with one single interface to the power plant control.
Power Conversion’s Dynamic Static VAR Compensators use a proven technology that provides power quality and productivity.
Power Conversion’s MV4 Series is a drive technology enabling increased efficiency, accuracy and flexibility in your processes
Building on our extensive experience, the MV6 Series drive provides a flexible and effective approach using a simple power architecture to achieve low cost of ownership across many applications.