The medium voltage medium power drive technology for efficient and flexible power control

GE’s Power Conversion drives can substantially improve the quality and efficiency of your process or production. GE’s MV7000 is a drive technology delivering efficient and flexible control of electric power to a wide range of driven equipment. MV7000 drives can feed both induction and synchronous machines with high performance vector control across all speed ranges. For multiple drive applications with both motoring and regenerating drives, a common DC link fed by a single active front end can reduce overall equipment cost and footprint.

Our Medium Voltage drives family

The MV7000 is part of GE’s medium voltage drive family which offers a wide power range at various voltages 
to cover a variety of applications.


Features & Benefits:

  • Power quality: Low harmonics and high power factor minimize the effect on the supply network.
  • Energy optimization: PWM active front end enables regeneration of the energy to the network.
  • High efficiency: Up to 99% performance.
  • Reliability: With press-pack IEGT technology, fuseless protection and low component count, MV7000 offers longer life expectancy even under load cycling.
  • Power density: Up to 1.1 MVA/m3 for the complete drive.
  • Redundancy: Secured continuous conduction of the PPI in failure mode.
  • Safety: Case rupture free and arc ignition free due to pressed contacts and no wire bonding.

Medium Voltage Drives

Power Conversion’s two-level Pulse Width Modulated Medium-Voltage Converter is a multi-megawatt power converter designed for high-power naval applications.
Power Conversion’s SD 7000 is a medium voltage load commuted inverter that offers high efficiency and reliability. SD 7000 is high power drive technology that enables efficient conversion of electrical power.
Coupled with a Static Frequency Converter, Power Conversion’s static excitation equipment provides performing coping with grid power variation, with one single interface to the power plant control.
Power Conversion’s Dynamic Static VAR Compensators use a proven technology that provides power quality and productivity.
Shelter & Skid were created for PV markets to provide clients with the protection they needed for inverters, switchgears and transformers for each PV power station.
Metal Enclosed Harmonic Filter Banks & Capacitor Banks offer outstanding performance and high efficiency in a compact design using the latest generation of capacitor units with high power density and low losses. Low parts count and robust technology provide unmatched reliability.
Harmonic and power factor studies support the system configuration design and specification for harmonic mitigation and power factor correction. Our studies serve to build client confidence and assure client satisfaction.
Building on our extensive experience, the MV6 Series drive provides a flexible and effective approach using a simple power architecture to achieve low cost of ownership across many applications.