LV Drives

Critical power conversion systems demand efficient and reliable drives

With more than 100 years of experience, we have a track record as innovators with an imaginative approach to the design and development of the next generation of advanced drives.

GE is one of the leading global suppliers of low voltage drives in the range of 0.25kW to more than 6MW and from 270 up to 900VAC voltages. Whatever your industry or specification, we offer the drive that fits your needs. GE’s low voltage variable speed drives are suitable for a wide range of applications in O&G, renewables, marine, metals, mining, power generation and test systems. Our low voltage drives can provide with greater energy-savings as well as increased productivity, with purpose-designed features and functionality.


  • Control of process variables: speed, flow, temperatures, pressure, etc.
  • Solve mechanical problems: noise, shocks, loads, mechanical stress
  • Reduce maintenance costs: having the ability to vary the velocity and torque of an electric motor can alleviate the wear and tear or the deterioration on the motor and the machine driven by the motor
  • Reduce running costs thanks to energy savings: drives allow to regulate the speed of the motor, rather than having an electric motor running continuously at full speed


Low Voltage Drives