Drive technology delivering efficient and flexible control of electric power


The result of constant wind installation innovation

GE Power Conversion´s ProWind frequency converter is characterized by a compact, modular design with a high power density, and it can be adapted to your specific needs. The overall concept is based largely on identical phase modules for all power classes. These modules are suitable for the specific climatic conditions and meet the particular technological requirements associated with generating electrical power from wind.

Features & Benefits:

  • Air or liquid cooled.
  • Full compliance with the most stringent grid code requirements.
  • Flexibility: Modular design. Power range from 0.5 to 5MW and higher.
  • High reliability: Extreme weather options available.
  • Availability: Short commissioning time and wide installed base.

Low Voltage Drives

LV7000 drives are compact and user-friendly, and compared to constant-speed solutions they can save up to 50 percent in your energy consumption.
Power Conversion’s ProCrane is particularly designed to work and perform reliably under often severe environmental conditions.
Power Conversion’s ProMarine S-AFE & D-AFE range offers compact and class compliant power control for main propulsion and thruster duty from 1 – 4MW.
LV8000 is a low voltage converter designed for variable speed drives.
Fully certified for the US and Canadian markets, and is optimized for direct connection to the grid via a Medium Voltage Transformer.
GE's MV3000 converter range offers a modular, compact, and versatile solution for power ratings from 0.5 to 6MW
Performance, reliability & maintainability in a space saving design