LV5+ Solar Inverter

Silicon Carbide technology enables more energy output with 99% EU efficiency

Leading inverter technology to drive cost-effective solar PV utility-scale infrastructure

GE was the first company to introduce breakthrough 1.5kV central inverter technology into the market, the 1st to introduce Silicon Carbide in solar inverters reaching 99% EU efficiency. As the industry continues to strive towards further lowering levelized cost of electricity in Solar PV across the globe, with its LV5 product family, GE is offering a range of central solar inverters and system solutions accommodating your specific project needs.

Having shipped more than 4.2GW of solar inverters, our LV5 builds on proven silicon power electronics technology, demonstrated global manufacturing experience and an extensive global installed base.

Higher energy output even under suboptimal irradiation conditions

Our LV5+ Solar Inverter has an efficiency rating of 99% EU which allows for higher annual energy production, when compared to today’s traditional inverters. Higher part load efficiency of LV5+ Solar Inverters helps to produce more energy even in regions with suboptimal irradiation profiles.

Technology to optimize part load performance

LV5+ Solar  Inverter  utilizes  the  next  generation  of  power electronics  based  on  Silicon  Carbide  (SiC)  technology. Unmatched efficiency levels i.e. under part load conditions yield higher annual energy production across the regions at various irradiation schemes. Calculations with solar PV plant simulation tools have confirmed incremental benefits of an average 1% of annual energy production.

When capex matters most

Unmatched efficiency of LV5+ Solar Inverters yield higher energy output. Higher output per square meter enables customers to reduce investment cost by using fewer panels, thus less land, for the same energy output.


LV5+ Solar Inverter

Features & Benefits:

  • 1500 Vdc voltage level
  • Advanced grid features and reactive power control day and night for grid voltage stabilization
  • First multi-MW, utility scale inverter based completely on SiC power electronics
  • Robust air cooling system with air-to-air heat exchangers instead of filters, for hot and harsh environments
  • Silicon Carbide MOSFETs
  • GE Predix ready with advanced diagnostics for optimal performance monitoring
  • Available as integrated solutions (eHouse, skid)


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LV5 Solar Inverter
Leading inverter technology to drive cost -effective solar PV utility-scale infrastructure
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GE was the first company to introduce breakthrough 1.5kV central inverter technology into the market.
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