Gas and Steam Turbine Driven Generators

Gas and Steam Turbine Driven Generators

Meets various Oil & Gas application requirements

GE’s Power Conversion business extensive range of large industrial generators offer high reliability, power density and modular designs. Air or water cooled, they are suitable for many Marine, Industry and Power Generation applications. GE’s gas and steam generator is based on a modular construction concept that uses the latest design and manufacturing techniques, including Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) insulation systems for both the stator and rotor components, and Pin Vent stator technology. The complete generator is ready for installation and commissioning with the minimum of investment.

Features & Benefits:

  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Fabricated frame and end brackets:With end shield-mounted bearings.
  • Finite Element (FE) analysis: Ensures low weight while retaining maximum stiffness.
  • Continuous operation:  in the most arduous environments, including offshore and desert applications.
  • Available in cylindrical and salient pole, laminated and solid pole with integral or bolt-on pole tips

Large Industrial Generators

Power Conversion’s Cylindrical High Speed Rotor is made from a solid cylindrical forging, and machines out the pole bodies and pole tips. The field windings are edge wound copper strips with dimensionally stable insulation material bonded between the turns.
Designed for medium-speed diesel applications
Power Conversion’s Hydro Generators incorporates a full range of features for the applications and operational conditions demanded by this industry. This product line is customized for horizontal hydro turbine applications.