Substation & EBoP

Integrating best-in-class GE components for a complete end-to-end system

A full range of products for AC substation offering up to 1,200kV

GE is a global leader with proven track record in power generation, serving thermal, renewables, and distributed power plants, helping to efficiently connect that power to the grid.

The products and solutions that make this happen are commonly referred to as "Electrical Balance of Plant" (EBoP), and in the solar industry as electrical "Balance of System" (BOS). The different pieces making up the core eBOS offering range from power generation and power conversion equipment, auxiliary systems, to high voltage switchyard and total system control room. Our complete end-to-end system offering helps to convert solar energy to the grid.

AC Substation Offering up to 1,200kV

Grid interconnect technology to strengthen grid operation

Our offering comprises VAR compensation, short transmission line interconnection, and grid studies.

GE’s full range of power electronics based power quality devices includes FACTS (flexible AC transmission systems), SVC (Static VAr Compensator) and STATCOM (Static Synchronous Compensator). Each of these is specifically designed to ensure dynamic voltage control and increased power transfer capability. They are easy to integrate into both new and existing grid structures can help improve grid reliability, and avoid significant upgrade costs for grid connections.

GE Value Chain for Solar Solutions


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Electrification Solutions

Electrical Integrated Solutions inside E-houses, Skids or Shelters are the way to give our clients one complete GE integrated solution for their electrification, motion & control needs. Each eHouse is developed to house and protect electrical equipment such as: Drives, MCC, CDC, Swg, providing a turn key solutions for the electrification of each project.
IDT, harmonic migration, power conversion, GE
Metal Enclosed Harmonic Filter Banks & Capacitor Banks offer outstanding performance and high efficiency in a compact design using the latest generation of capacitor units with high power density and low losses. Low parts count and robust technology provide unmatched reliability.
Battery storage
GE’s expertise in plant controls, power electronics, and a variety of battery and enclosure technologies help to improve operational efficiency across your range of power and grid applications.
GE Solar Solutions
Our full services offering ranges from training, maintenance, spare parts, obsolescence management, warranty extensions, response time guarantees, up to availability and production guarantees as risk sharing mechanisms.
GE Solar Solutions
Enable, design, execute and service solar PV projects across the entire life time.
We work with customers on individual solution to help optimize key components such as gearbox, nacelle weight, cabling and controls allowing for lower system cost.
Optimizing the electrical aspect of the wind turbine can unlock more than $250K per year (100MW Wind Farm)
Optimizing the electrical scope of the wind farm can unlock more than $320K per year (100MW Wind Farm)