Battery Energy Storage Solutions

Shift solar energy: extending your money generating period

By its nature, renewable energies can sometimes produce too much, or too little energy. This unpredictability can be managed through battery storage, allowing excess power generated to be stored for use at a time when power demand is higher. When managing intermittent energies in renewable and/or decentralized power plants, requirements such as continuous energy supply during black-outs, cold start support or power demand control to avoid high peak tariffs are important to enable cost-effective plant operation and maximize energy output.

Enhanced AC-DC utilization with flexible design

Every project is unique. GE specializes in bringing the right technologies together to configure custom solutions to meet a variety of needs. We work with our customers to match the right mix of technology with their application so customers can get the maximum value out of their system.

GE’s standardized, modular and scalable solutions help you to flexibly manage plant energy conditioning.

Our customized storage offerings allow plant operators to play in the balancing power market, and/or to buffer the energy output of renewable or decentralized power plants.

GE’s expertise in plant controls, power electronics, and a variety of battery and enclosure technologies help to improve operational efficiency across your range of power and grid applications, including:

  • Energy Management: peak demand reduction, back-up, photo-voltaic (PV) self-consumption, power quality.
  • Transmission and Distribution: capacity management, asset deferral, frequency regulation, harmonic suppression, voltage support, and power quality.
  • Micro-Grid Applications: grid management, PV integration, and grid enhancement.
  • Thermal and Renewable Power Generation: virtual spin (no emissions), ramp rate control, frequency regulation, time shifting, voltage support, curtailment avoidance.

Our battery storage offering

Designed to meet specific site needs for power management and grid connection, GE’s solutions include:

  • Proven battery technologies e. g. on Li-ion with or without hybrid advanced lead-acid batteries
  • Highly efficient 3-level low voltage inverters connecting DC battery blocks to AC
  • Energy Management Systems (EMS) to integrate the battery management system (BMS) into a fully functional storage digital controller based on GE‘s IT platforms, HMI, data logging, diagnostics and SCADA interface.
  • Electrical balance of plant equipment. GE’s tailored solutions help to address availability and reliability requirements of the total storage system capability over its entire lifetime, based on a total cost of ownership approach.

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Electrification Solutions

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