Wind Solutions
Ensuring reliability, availability, grid compliance and network quality for high productivity

Wind Solutions

Reliable, cost efficient products and systems

A complete range of  frequency converters

The converter is a key element of the wind turbine. GE’s Power Conversion business offer converters that can enhance turbine power output through innovative control schemes and improve generator performance. GE's portfolio of flexible and complete frequency converters help provide reliability, availability, low operating costs, grid compliance and network quality for increased productivity. GE converters are available in all configuration types: doubly fed or fully fed, and low- or medium-voltage.

Generators at the forefront of technology

GE provides generators for high-power solutions (2 MW and above), including innovative direct-drive and medium-speed permanent magnet generator technologies for both onshore and offshore wind turbines. GE's direct-drive permanent magnet generators offer high reliability for the full drive train. Elimination of the gearbox allows for higher part-load system efficiencies, improving return on investment. Providing a reduction in overall maintenance, these solutions are particularly well adapted for offshore applications. GE's medium-speed permanent magnet generator solutions can be integrated into one- or two-stage gearboxes and – through elimination of the bearings –enable increased reliability of the whole drive train compared to fully geared solutions.

Integrated system solutions

GE's deep understanding of the entire power conversion chain enables us to take a fully integrated approach to advance your complete electrical drive train.

The scope of GE's offering includes:

  • A control system that allows an easy integration into wind turbine and wind farm control
  • High-performance test equipment for gears and generators, up to and including complete nacelles with related simulation software, from vibration testing to simulation of wind behavior
  • Power converters to transfer electrical energy efficiently between the AC grid and the energy storage system – and vice versa

Enhancing power quality in rigorous grids

The power quality systems GE offers to wind farm developers and operators provide the technology needed to meet today’s reactive power compensation requirements. GE systems help ensure grid code compliance with fast dynamic reactive current response, low grid system harmonics, and a small footprint. These systems can be employed in new wind farms or retrofitted to existing farms.

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