Enabling high reliability and easy maintenance, as well grid compliance and stability

GE’s Power Conversion business offers all power conversion equipment for wet renewables, from their design and optimization to their manufacturing, installation and commissioning, as well as life time services.

GE can design and supply the necessary generators, drives, and power conversion systems essential for meeting grid code compliance and the high reliability required by the application. GE have vast experience in the marine and offshore wind sectors, where we are one of the leaders in power conversion. This experience and knowledge gained from the offshore market is transferable to many tidal and ocean current generation schemes. In the development of wave and tidal power, the devices will convert natural energy into a mechanical form, often rotational, and in some cases linear, which is transformed into electrical power by a generator. Building on the experience developed from wind and other businesses, GE has proven converters and control algorithms ensuring a full compliance with many grid code requirement.

In addition to generators and converters, GE is also involved in the transmission of power generated to the shore, as well as in grid connection and power quality systems. GE builds on several decades of experience with electrical equipment and systems used in hostile environments, like marine, and have developed solutions mitigating these challenges with respect to reliability and maintenance–exceptionally critical in a subsea installation.

GE provides customized electrical systems made of: generators, variable speed drives, control, and automation, including a SCADA system for the whole wet renewable farm, subsea power modules, MVDC connection to the shore, including the AC/DC conversion offshore and the DC/AC conversion onshore and power quality systems if needed.

The technologies in wet renewables are still extremely diversified.GE can provide and improve the power conversion solutions to any wet renewable technology.

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