GE's solutions help meet operational requirements and contribute towards lowering environmental impact in a sustainable way.


Enabling operational efficiency, reliability and availability for higher yield, grid compliance and stability
GE’s Power Conversion business provides electrical products and solutions to the renewables industry to help meet operational requirements and contribute towards lowering environmental impact in a sustainable way for a cleaner, more productive world. As the renewables industry competes with traditional power generation, wind farm operators and solar PV farm operators are faced with the challenges of controlling costs while attaining high energy yield through more powerful and reliable farms, complying with rigorous grid rules and ensuring efficient transfer of this intermittent energy source into the grid. Worldwide to date, more than 26 GW of GE’s low- and medium-voltage frequency converters have been installed on wind turbines. GE's Power Conversion business is also a technology leader in wind generators, with the medium-speed Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) delivered in 2003 and many high-power direct-drive PMGs delivered to the industry.


GE provides fully integrated power conversion systems, ideal for medium to large grid connected photovoltaic plants, for clients such as EPCs, major utilities or industrial partners. Part of GE's offering includes inverters, power stations and monitoring systems for utility-scale solar farms providing high reliability and performance even in extreme environmental conditions. GE has the technical knowledge to design power electronics system and to manufacture and test the system to address specific grid-connected photovoltaic needs.


GE supplies reliable and cost-efficient products and systems helping ensure reliability, availability, grid compliance and network quality for productivity. GE provides a complete range of electrical equipment and systems to wind OEMs, wind farm developers and operators for both onshore and offshore. This includes converters (more than 26GW delivered), generators (DFIG, SCIG & Permanent Magnet based, of various speeds) and electrical collection and connection to the wind farm grid.

Wet renewables

For more than a decade, GE has been involved in the wet renewable sector covering power produced from waves, tidal, and ocean currents. GE’s electrical systems comprise of: generators, variable speed drives, control and automation, subsea power modules, MVDC connection to the shore, including the AC/DC conversion offshore and the DC/AC conversion onshore and power quality systems.

Renewables Solutions