Offshore Solutions
Enabling flexibility, improved safety, improved cost-efficient, and lower environmental impact

Offshore Solutions

Compact and lightweight solutions for efficient and reliable production in harsh environments

Offshore electrification contributes to the operating requirements for offshore facilities, enabling flexibility, improved safety, improved cost-efficient, and lower environmental impact.

Fixed platforms or FPSOs receive power from either topside power generation or through a long-step-out cable. GE’s Power Conversion business can provide a global offering of electrical equipment from power generation to the management of the complete energy system. For power generation, we can provide a full range of generators. For gas compression and pumping we offer a range of fixed-speed motors, direct-on line motors and variable-speed drive solutions to power the compressor or the pump, which can be located topside or on the seabed.

Our variable-speed drive solutions are based on MV7000 Medium Voltage drives. This high performance medium voltage drive offers outstanding performance and excellent reliability. The compact design is ideal in space constrained environments such as those on an FPSO. GE can also supply the high-speed motor to drive the compressor. The combination of high-speed and GE’s magnetic-bearing technologies provides valuable benefits on a platform including footprint reduction and safety with oil-free operation.

GE’s Energy Connections System (EMS) is a complete automation system designed to provide control over the power network requirements for onshore and offshore facilities. To ensure maximum availability of power, under any circumstances, our EMS manages the vital functions of the electrical system.

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