Enabling improved performance, reliability and efficiency
Today’s challenging environments demand increasingly large and more powerful equipment across the entire mining process - and the need for efficiency and reliability grows with it. GE’s Power Conversion solutions are integrated throughout the mining process from extraction, mineral processing and material handling to improve reliability, power density and efficiency.


To meet the ever-increasing requirements of mining regulatory bodies, GE’s experienced engineers perform winder rating calculations, feasibility studies, control system updates, compliance tests and site inspections -all to enable GE to tailor electrical solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Mineral Processing

GE provides flexible mill solutions to help meet high capacity demands with fewer pieces of equipment.  GE's high-speed mill solutions offer flexibility and efficiency through the use of rotor drives for slip energy recovery systems enabling speed adjustment. For low-speed mill applications GE offer highly efficient synchronous and robust induction motor technology.

Material Handling

To meet the requirements for reduced loading and unloading times, GE supplies complete electrical systems including fully integrated automation solutions, and a comprehensive range of drives for bulk handling systems.  GE is a pioneer in the use of direct drive technology for large, high-torque conveyors using low-speed motors. GE's high-performance induction motor system helps provide significant reductions in service and maintenance costs, and higher efficiency levels than geared solutions.

Mining Solutions