Whether working with the most standard processing line or the most complex steel mill, GE can help meet industry requirements.


Enabling efficiency and productivity in the Metals production process.
Reliability, efficiency and sustainability are every day requirements within the metals industry. GE’s engineering and domain knowledge result in innovative solutions that meet metal processors’ vast array of needs, improving material characteristics and boosting economic and ecological benefits for our customers.

Productivity Solutions for the Metals Industry

Raw material and energy costs constitute a huge share in production costs. To stay competitive, steelmakers worldwide face many challenges today: reducing costs and lead time, increasing operational efficiencies coupled with greener methods to produce metals with quality and reliability, while simultaneously complying with stringent environmental regulations. GE’s Power Conversion business can help overcome these challenges by supplying electrical technologies and engineered solutions to meet individual mill requirements and efficiency of the production process.  

Iron & Steelmaking

Steelmaking is a complex chain of interdependent processes, with a vast number of parameters which have to be closely controlled. GE addresses these needs by providing and implementing complete and overall electrical and control systems.  In all types of steelmaking facilities, our customers benefit from our technical expertise which allows us to guide them to choose the most suited electrical and automation systems.

Hot Rolling Mills

With demands for hot rolled product quality continuously increasing, GE provides complete electrical and automation systems, with ready-made solutions, which allow for the production of modern steel grades. GE’s sophisticated automation solutions, together with GE's broad range of powerful drive systems, provide the capabilities needed to achieve improve results in terms of plant availability and process efficiency.

Cold Rolling Mills

Today’s need for cold-rolled product quality, mill productivity, availability and reliability requires sophisticated automation and control systems.  GE has vast experience and understanding of metal-finishing processes. GE solutions cover many cold rolling mill application for carbon steel (sheet, tin plate), special steel, silicon and stainless.

Processing Lines

To meet the growing need for steel and satisfy demands for quality, processing line owners must be able to expand capacity, speed up processing, enhance plant productivity and ensure they produce steel with the highest possible quality results. GE works with international mill-builders forming close technical partnerships, becoming familiar with their mechanical designs and delivering electrical solutions that complement the latest technology in mechanical and hydraulic engineering and instrumentation disciplines.

Metals Solutions