Material Handling
GE’s electrical solutions for the material handling sector enable precise handling with high reliability.

Material Handling

Enabling a reduction in loading and unloading times.
Rapid and reliable handling is vital for efficient material handling with ever increasing volumes and high demands on automated solutions. GE’s solutions are designed to meet these demands with high reliability in severe environmental conditions GE provides complete electrical systems and automation solutions, as well as drive technology in cranes (ports, terminals, and shipyards), bulk handling systems, and offshore heavy lift equipment.


Electrical solutions for crane systems enable increased equipment availability by reducing loading and unloading times. GE’s solutions for handling containers, bulk material, and general cargo offer highly flexible diesel-electric drives with optimized energy consumption, low emissions, and low noise levels.

Bulk Handling Systems

To meet the requirements for reduced loading and unloading times, GE supplies complete electrical systems including fully integrated automation solutions, and a comprehensive range of drives and bulk handling systems. GE is a pioneer in the use of direct drive technology for large, high-torque conveyors using low-speed motors.

Offshore Heavy Lift

With the increasing number of projects for offshore wind farms and platforms, demands for lifting heavy loads under extreme and complex conditions become ever greater.  GE provides electrical solutions with reliable and highly efficient crane drive technology, and automation control and management systems including visualization and remote monitoring.

Material Handling Solutions