GE solutions power, propel, and position the marine industry


Enabling operational efficiency, asset availability, precision, and minimizing environmental impact
GE’s Power Conversion business designs and supplies coherent customized solutions which drive benefits including operational excellence, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. Smarter engineering coupled with GE’s range of flexible, products and systems ensures the best solutions are available to suit the precise needs of each ship.


GE's specialist solutions serve the merchant fleets with expertise in electric propulsion and automation systems for LNG carriers, cruise ships, research vessels, chemical tankers, crude oil carriers, cable layers, ro-ro trailer ships, and fishing vessels.  GE solutions integrate complete power and propulsion systems, vessel control and automation systems and specialist dynamic positioning control systems.


GE delivers flexible and reliable solutions in integrated full electric propulsion and hybrid auxiliary propulsion systems for a wide range of naval ships.  GE's naval expertise encompasses systems including prime movers, power generation, electrical distribution, variable speed drives and propulsion motors, vessel automation, dynamic positioning (DP), and damage control.


GE is committed to meeting the operational requirements of ship operators and energy companies - providing fully integrated solutions for power, propulsion, and control systems that address the need for significant fuel savings coupled with enhanced overall operational efficiency.  These include systems for power generation, electric propulsion, podded propellers, dynamic positioning, ship automation, drilling drives and control, and GE’s insight management system for the capture, consolidation, interpretation, and distribution of vessel data.

Marine Solutions